Are we missing out on life by using our mobile phones too much?

I was lying in bed this morning when Fraser came in from night shift – I was doing my morning scroll of the news, facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He got into bed snuggled in and looked over my shoulder and said “why are you on your phone?” Now this got me thinking.

I wouldn’t so much say I am a social media addict but I love posting on Instagram and looking through people’s pictures! However, when lying in bed I was thinking why am I sitting on my phone when I could just be enjoying a hug with my boyfriend? 

Now, this does not just apply to relationships – Fraser is the person I spend most time with I probably notice it more with him. I can go weeks without seeing my friends and when we do see each other it involves the occasional chat but our phones will always be there. Are we missing out on the great times in life by publicising what we are doing on the Internet rather than actually spending the time doing it? Real relationships are formed through affection, mutual love and this is made by time spent together. Although I have already built that with these people, it scares me to think that I am potentially losing them to their phones when we are together, and I would hate someone to feel that way about me.

I was brought up in a generation when I was outside 8am – 9pm, I never had a games console and I stayed out everyday until I came home with dirt everywhere on my body and I was exhausted, but I loved it. I was never jealous of the people with play stations because I was having a great time, I didn’t have a mobile until I was a teenager – there was no need for one. Children now have iPads and iPhones, it saddens me to think they didn’t get to live the life I did was a child, they sit indoors with their eyes glued to games, pretty tragic. However, this is not the children’s fault, this is what they were brought up with. We need to educate children that mobile phones and tablets are a last resort for fun – it should not be the first thing they pick up in the morning and the last thing they put down at night. Let them go outdoors, let them see what we got to see as children.

I have no problem with iPhones and iPads as an adult, they are highly useful and we need them to communicate but I think it is time for me to cut back on the amount of time I sit scrolling on my phone. I am having a phone detox when I am on holiday with Fraser, we’ve been on a few holidays together and the best ones are when we don’t use wifi. I will still post a few Instagram pictures when we are there but I am not using it for anything else! We need to lift our eyes off the screen and see all the beautiful things in front of us. 

Let’s look away from the screen.


Why I Dropped Everything And Started Teaching Kendrick Lamar’s New Album

Brian Mooney

When Kendrick Lamar released his sophomore album, To Pimp A Butterfly (2015), I was in the middle of teaching a unit on Toni Morrison’s novel, The Bluest Eye (1970). My freshmen students were grappling with some big ideas and some really complex language. Framing the unit as an “Anti-Oppression” study, we took special efforts to define and explore the kinds of institutional and internalized racism that manifest in the lives of Morrison’s African-American characters, particularly the 11-year-old Pecola Breedlove and her mother, Pauline. We posed questions about oppression and the media – and after looking at the Dick & Jane primers that serve as precursors to each chapter, considered the influence of a “master narrative” that always privileges whiteness.

Set in the 1940s, the Breedlove family lives in poverty. Their only escape is the silver screen, a place where they idolize the glamorous stars of the film industry. Given the historical context…

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Holiday Bargains – my favourite

I’m going on a weeks holiday to Costa Adeje in Tenerife in 2 weeks and while I was in town changing some money into euros today I found some bargains in Primark (admittedly not my favourite shop but you can get some pretty good bargains if you look hard enough!) 

Holiday shopping usually results in about £500 spent in river island or topshop when I am with my mum (thanks mum) but now I am going it alone I think primark and new look and h & m might be the way forward! 

I absolutely hate bikini shopping with a passion, I am a size 10 in bottoms and can literally be anything up to a 16 in bikini tops (I hate it) but I found this cute bikini today for £4, I won’t wear the bottoms that came with it as they are far too big as it came as a set but I love the top! It’s pretty plain but the pleated ties are cute!


I picked up two tops as well, both to wear with just denim shorts and they’re pretty casual, I’m loving the wrap around crop with my ripped black denim shorts and a brown belt and the gypsy off the shoulder looks gorgeous with a statement collar necklace and just some denims too! 


 It’s a pretty rubbish photo of the bottom one but the detail round the hem is nice and I can’t wait to wear them with a tan!!

I picked up 2 pairs of sunnies too, nothing special but for £2 each cant complain! The rounded tortoise shell type ones aren’t really my thing but I wanted something different and Fraser assured me I suited them (he was always going to say that) 

ANYWAY, I can’t wait to get away for week and I am loving a bargain! Thanks primark!


Me,Myself and I…& some other important people

I have started blogging for one reason and one reason only. I have a lot of time to fill! Living in Hull with Fraser is great but we both work long hours and they often clash which results in me having a lot of spare time to pass. The reason that I have ended up here in Hull was not exactly the most easy route considering I am at the tender age of 20, when I left school I went to Newcastle university, I absolutely HATED it at that point I could not stand anything at all, I had no confidence and missed home so much. I left there after a year and a half without completing my degree and I had an operation where I had 500g of breast tissue removed due to an imbalance, it was painful but the change in myself and my confidence since then has made it so worth it. I then stayed at home for a year living in what I thought was the perfect set up – I was with all my family friends and Fraser. My 3 F’s. However, a weird turn of events happened when in August last year Fraser received an absolutely amazing job offer in Immingham – south of Hull. I was absolutely heartbroken at that point as I was not prepared for this – no one was. This resulted in me making my biggest decision yet and I decided to go with my heart and move here with Fraser – with FULL support from both our families (they are actually amazing). We have only been together for 2 and a half years now but at that time it was all that I wanted and it was the right thing to do.

ANYWAY, I am now living here in Hull an right now I love it. Fraser and I had our fair share of problems when we moved in, I wont be specific but lets just say it was hard to adjust originally although we basically lived together at home it is most definitely not the same as living together and paying the bills together. However, enough of the shit sob story, we made it through and he makes me smile everyday (cover your eyes if you are not prepared for some soppy pictures)

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Regardless of the fact we are unbelievably happy there is nothing that stops me missing Prestwick and the people there – my full family and my amazing group of friends. There is at least 5 nights a month when I would kill to just be cuddle up on the couch with my mum or go out to Elliots for copious drinks with my friends.

Well, this is my reason for blogging, I absolutely love my little life with Fraser but I can get lonely and hopefully taking time to note down things I like and want to share will help.

Thanks for reading and hope this gives a bit more of an idea on me and my weird life. xxx

(lastly, just want to share a photo of a card my good friend Angela once got me, it pretty much sums up the past 3 years, and she is amazing!)

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Trump Turnberry Resort

So this is my first blog post (as I’m sure you will be able to tell by the end of it I am an amateur) I was recently out for brunch at one of the most luxury restaurants in the west of Scotland and I just thought it would be nice to share my experience.  On Sunday 19th April myself and all of my family went to Trump Turnberry resort for brunch, they do this facility on the first and third Sunday of every month just incase you are wondering and it is held in the 1906 room. The idea of the brunch is that there is buffet style starters, a main course is made for you by the chefs and then there is a selection of deserts for you to pick from (heaven for a sweet tooth!)  The food was by all means luxury and definitely 5 star, I am not in the slightest bit picky when it comes to food but there are certain things I would not let my fork touch – pate and parfait – which was something they had a lot of! However I managed to enjoy some cured meats, mozzarella and tomato and a selection of breads as a starter. As a main I ordered Shepherds pie (does not sound very luxury but I can assure you it was) the lamb was succulent and the gravy was so rich, vegetables fresh as you would expect! There were several deserts on the menu but I went for the classic – sticky toffee pudding! It was a dream. There was a table of 10 and not one query or complaint regarding the food. Although the food is a huge part what makes the day at Turnberry is he beautiful setting overlooking the Ailsa Craig. It was sunny and the view made the day for me (as well as being with my family!)  There was a lot of mixed feelings when Donald Trump bought the resort but being there and seeing the money he is investing into it I would give the place a 5 star rating. I’ve added a few pictures as well of our day, I don’t often get to spend time with my family living 350 miles away but when I do I cherish it with a lot of pictures!       Enjoy!